We are in the business of leather since 1981. We have wide knowledge of producing quality products. And in most cases exceed the expectation of client. The artisan knowledge of leather was gained by our ancestors.

In our sole carefulness, we acknowledge orders from people living in USA, United Kingdom, and abroad subject to you paying for the extra delivery or postage costs for delivering products. The orders of clients are delivered with care and quality. We knew customer have ordered products for special occasion. You will have a chance to drop your request off that these expenses are not satisfactory. If you feel inconvenience during any stage of order.  

In that case, they might be liable to import obligations or potentially extra duties or costs caused due to agreeing with unfamiliar administrative necessities or laws. You will be responsible for choosing product online of any such responsibilities or potential burdens notwithstanding our price, including hidden charges subject to banking or transaction fees and conveyance expense. If it's not too much trouble, note that we have no power over these charges and can't anticipate their sum.

Kindly note that when delivering items universally, you ought to know that cross-line shipments are liable to opening and review by customs specialists. Kindly note that you should conform to every appropriate law and guideline of the country for which the Goods are ordained. We comply local laws when delivering products. We won't be responsible for any break by you of any such laws.

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