Our Story

The shoes, made of cowhide the hard way, are delivered to Lahore and carried from one side to the other. This momentous move is the consequence of the hard work of young business person, Muhammad Tanveer.

For more than five long years; they have effectively distinguished native shoe production capacity, manufactured their capacity to a global standard, and discovered a business opportunity for their items beyond Pakistan.
The moment we started walking down the path that ultimately led to the creation of The LeatherX, we realized that our image of flamboyant, bespoke footwear would hinge on an unmistakable set of standards.

The first of them:
 that tailored style can be novel, rich, and refined, as well as being reasonable for each of the people who seek the best footwear throughout everyday life.

The second:
 that genuine quality, custom assembly, and obvious differentiation must consistently precede quantity and large-scale manufacturing.

The third:
to create a shoe that easily blends exemplary style with contemporary design and that presents the most extreme quality that is distinct and custom-made.
Inspired BY TRADITION. Sampled by fashion. HANDMADE BY CRAFTSMEN.

Our excursion was also triggered by another acute perception. We saw that, for one thing, most handmade leather bespoke shoes were beyond the financial plans of a large number of people who were eager to wear them. On the other hand, there was a desperate lack of assets and opportunities for the talented craftsmen fit to create them. Old-fashioned practices and valuable crafts and information were in jeopardy, and as energetic shoe lovers, we essentially couldn't allow them to disappear.

Know Your Customer:
You can't make a brand in case you don't know which segment of the general public your item/administration will appeal to.
After all, that was the question that we had no idea of ​​the answer, at first; however, as we progressed further, we realized that being aware of our customers is vital. We talk more and later during our underlying days. Basically, we designate the young people who love the mold and have a metropolitan way of life.

Build Confidence:

A great system and advertising build organizations, yet trust is what brands are built on!
From the moment we started, building a trusted brand was our fundamental thought process. We engaged our main image year researching better approaches to better ourselves by relentlessly critiquing our male clients' social events and then eliminating the equivalent.
Only after achieving a dedicated customer base that trusts us sell we showcase on the website. What's more, since the day we moved to the web, trust has improved as we can now effectively reach our customers and pay attention to everything they need to say.

What, How, and Why:

Many initial questions that struck our mind when we decided to venture into the business of carefully crafted calfskin shoes were: "What will we do? How will we do what we will do? Doing this?"
So the easiest answer we had to these questions was:

'Building our own brand of handmade cowhide shoes that stands on the pillars of trust and quality.'

Simply because we have always been in awe of craftsmanship and class and have loved passing it on considerably more. High-quality calfskin shoes have always been our adoration, so we stepped in to change the business. ''

Reviving the Soul of Custom Made Shoes.

Our methodology happily lies in opportunities with the shoe business in general. Somewhere else lurking, large-scale manufacturing rules... indeed, somewhere along the line, the soul and creativity of this specialty began to endure.

Our primary goal is straightforward - we strive to provide our customers with extraordinary handcrafted shoes that combine comfort with advancement, exemplary polish with contemporary style, and conscientiousness with love.

We don't just make shoes; we offer personalized assistance in the truest meaning. Through our careful meticulousness and craftsmanship, we are ready to give something beyond quality footwear… we take the initial steps of new experiences, executed in amazing style.